Product Testers NFT

Product Testers NFT is the world first ever NFT collection to offer exclusive access to a product testing group!

With a Product Testers NFT membership card, users gain access to thousands of items for free! Simply leave a review on the product and receive it for free! 

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We’re Changing the Way Product Testing Works!

Up until now, product testing is something that has been almost impossible to participate in. Without having tons of followers on social media, or speical connections, product testing was nearly impossible up until now. With Product Testers NFT, now anyone can become a product tester by simply minting a Product Testing NFT Membership Card!

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Step One:

We will begin by growing our community and preparing for the mint. This will be done through DAO collabs, NFT calendar promotions, influencer promotions, and social media advertising. We will also host giveaways and events to further assist in growing the community and preparing for mint!

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Step Two:

Minting! Our mint will go live! Whitelisted members will get access to the mint 1 day early for a price of $28. After the 1 day period is over, the mint will open to the public for $35. The mint will close once all 555 Product Testers NFT Membership Cards have been minted!

Step Three:

Secondary Marketplaces. As soon as the mint closes, users will be able to buy and sell their NFT in secondary marketplaces. We are aiming to be listed on OpenSea, Magic Eden, Hyperspace, Digitaleyes, and SolSea.

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Step Four:

Product Testing Group. As soon as the mint closes, the product testing group will go live. All of the Product Testers NFT holders will be able to verify their NFT in the discord server which will grant the product tester role! This will give each holder lifetime access to our product testing group as long as they are holding the NFT!

Step Five:

Growth and Expansion. We will work to partner with more and more sellers offering our product testers more items from many stores. We will also be working to incorporate more payment methods for the refunds such as cryptocurrency! Lastly, we will be working every day to provide our product testers with the highest quality items available!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this safe?

Yes, this is 100% safe as all orders are done directly through amazon. This means that if for some reason your review does not go live (which never happens) you can always refund your item through amazon and get your money back. Furthermore, we only allow users to make between 1 and 2 purchases per week to ensure the safety of their account. Lastly, we always make sure to have a different amount of days in between each order and review. For example, on the first order, the user will wait 7 days to leave a review, but on the second order, the user will wait 10 days to leave a review. Following these steps and our instructions will ensure a great experience for the user as well as a lifetime of access to product testing!

Frequently Asked Questions

2. How does this work?

The way this works is quite simple. By minting a Product Testers NFT, holders get access to an exclusive product testing group. Within this group, there will be thousands of items from different Amazon sellers. Holders will be able to purchase these items, leave a review, and receive a full refund for the item after they have left a review! Either keep the item for yourself or sell it for a profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

3. When is the mint, and how much does it cost?

The mint will happen on August 13th. We want to ensure that the project will have many high-quality members before mint. This will give us the ability to partner with more sellers, offer higher-tier items, and offer more payment methods!

Frequently Asked Questions

4. What is the difference between a Black Card, Bronze Card, Silver Card, and Diamond Card?

Each card has a different rarity with different perks. The Black Card is the most common card. This card gives users lifetime access to the product testing group. The Bronze card is the second most common card. The Bronze card gives users lifetime access to the product testing group, along with 1 invite for a friend to join the product testing group without having to mint the NFT. The Silver card is rarer than the previous two cards, the Silver card gives lifetime access to the product testing group, along with 2 invites for 2 friends to join the product testing group with lifetime access without having to mint the NFT. Lastly, the Diamond Card is the rarest out of them all. The Diamond card gives lifetime access to the product testing group, along with 3 invites for 3 friends to join the product testing group with lifetime access without having to mint the NFT!

Frequently Asked Questions

5. How can I get whitelist? Do I need to submit my wallet address?

Whitelist can be obtained in several different ways. If you follow us on Social Media, you will be able to join all of our whitelist giveaways which will be done frequently. If you did not manage to win a whitelist spot through a giveaway, do not worry. Whitelist role can be earned through doing a few simple tasks such as inviting a few friends to the server. Check out #whitelist for more information on how to earn the whitelist role! You do not need to submit your wallet address if you are whitelisted. Unlike other servers, we will not be giving out whitelist tokens to our whitelisted members. This is so that paper hands do not take all the whitelist spots and sell the whitelist tokens. Instead, we will have a private chat for members with the whitelist role where we will be posting the mint link 1 hour earlier than the public mint, along with the discounted price.

Frequently Asked Questions

6. Why Should I Mint a Product Testers NFT?

Minting a Product Testers NFT gives you exclusive access to a top-notch product testing group. With access to this group, you will have the ability to get thousands of items for free. Instead of purchasing these items on Amazon like you normally would, you can purchase them on Amazon through our partnered sellers and get the item for free by simply leaving a review. For a one-time purchase of the NFT, you get lifetime access to all the products for free. You will be saving yourself tons of money! Furthermore, if you do not need these items for yourself, you can start your own reselling business. Users can earn these items for free by leaving reviews, and then resell them on websites such as eBay for a profit!

About Us

Hey Everyone! Ive always been passionate about the NFT / Crpyto space as well as the "freebies" world which is what made me so excited about this project! I believe that by growing an authentic product testing group that anyone can join will be a game changer! Not only will anyone be able to join this group, but with such a large group, we will be able to provide users with products that you couldn't not imagine that you would ever get for free just by leaving a review! Im very excited to be working on this project and I am looking forwards to constantly growing it!



Hey there! I am so excited to be working on this project! Ever since NFTs started trending, I knew that I would like to start a project of my own, however, I also knew that I wanted to offer real life utility! That is why I am so excited to be a part of this project! Together we will make a community that will stand out in the NFT space as our utility is like no other! I am very excited to meet you all and get things going! Cheers!



Hey Everyone! I am an experienced Web2 and Web3 Developer.​ I have spent the past year studying the NFT market. This project is certainly the most most authentic and exciting project I have worked on! Our utility is unique in the NFT space, and together we will make a community that is like no other! I'm looking forward to meeting you all and getting things started! 

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